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Ethical judaica shopping list

 There are few things more empowering about ritual practice than creating the item you are using, or knowing who did. An ever-growing list of makers, patterns, and ideas to find your Jewish tools like candle sticks, talitot, art, chuppot, and more. Jewish ritual observance does not--and cannot, come at the cost of our moral voices. We are taking back the mystery of our ritual lives! We can keep knowledge in the chosen/family! We have all the power and tools we could possibly use in a lifetime.

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Katz-Hanna Family Haggadah

Ariana and her partner Ever co-wrote this haggadah for Passover 2015, bringing together their favorite elements from often-used haggadot. In 2016 they created a supplement of readings to update and use alongside this haggadah.

Chaplaincy for Justice source guide

What are the tools that spiritual leaders need to give care to activists and organizers? Co-created with Jessica Rosenberg, this guide lists books, zines, podcasts, organizations, and other resources. Read and add to the list here.



Yom Kippur Yizkor (memorial) Service for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Tkhine for Planned Parenthood
Written following the 2015 attack on a Planned Parenthood